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network » Open Post Dorian wakes up in the Gallery of Wonderland
log » Peter Petrelli Dorian meets Peter while wandering the halls
network » Beckett Warner Dorian learns to use the camera by consoling Beckett log » Dipper Pines Hogwarts: Dipper and Dorian need to learn to get along
log » Wendy Corduroy Hogwarts: Wendy and Dorian chat about muggles
log » Frisk + Chara Hogwarts: Dorian is a bad influence for Frisk and Chara. Seriously.
log » Mettaton Hogwarts: Dorian and Mettaton talk about furniture
log » Garrett Hawke Hogwarts: Professor Hawke ruins Dorian's (relative) innocence
log » Dipper Pines Hogwarts: Dorian catches Dipper stealing from the restricted section
log » Stan Pines Hogwarts: Dorian finds Stan's roof spot
log » Victor Frankenstein Hogwarts: Dorian joins Victor for butterbeer and dark magic
log » Open Post Hogwarts: Dorian hangs out at Madam Puddifoot's
log » Rick Sanchez Hogwarts: Dorian is startled by the appearance of a giant flying squid
network » Open Post Dorian gets in touch with the people he met at Hogwarts
log » Wirt Hogwarts: Dorian finds a shoeless kid in the library
network » Shaun Mason Dorian does not get blogs
network » Frisk Dorian compliments Frisk's music
network » Bob Belcher Dorian runs into a... Butcher?
inbox » Alphys Dorian has to ask about pocket dimensions
network » Jane Doe Dorian ponders tattoos
network » Booker DeWitt Dorian finds a man from a city in the sky
network » Ford Pines & Alphys Dorian is bemused by mechanical knife-wielding tentacles. I'm not making this up.
log » Mettaton Dorian and Mettaton meet at a hot tub party.
network » Riley Matthews Dorian adopts a cute bunny!
log » open post Dorian is a Lost One in Neverland.
log » Sans Neverland: Dorian yells at Sans for being lazy.
log » Tim Wright Neverland: Dorian and Tim escape their shadows.
log » Dustin Henderson Neverland: Dorian promises to help Dustin make a flower crown
network » Whomever is watching this mess Neverland: Dorian leaves a warning for the adults.
log » Bill Cipher Dorian meets a triangle man in his dreams
network » Mettaton Dorian apologizes for being a crazy murder child and wants to go to MTT's concert
log » Chara? Dorian encounters a cringy edgelord OC
network/log » open post Dorian temporarily becomes a vampire
log » Sirius Black Dorian attempts to not bite the teen wizard's neck
log » Mettaton Dorian attends the concert anyway
network » Fiddleford H. McGucket Dorian confuses mechanical computers with human computers
log » Coraline Jones Dorian and Coraline disagree on what is considered "fun"
network » Dipper and Mabel Pines Dorian discovers the joys of scrapbooks
network » open post Dorian muses about his birthday coming up too soon.
log » Stefan Salvatore-Alesci Dorian finds an old favorite... And a ominous warning.
inbox » Victor Frankenstein Dorian voices his concern about coming events
log » Dipper, Rick, and Zacharie Dorian is drawn into a Labyrinth with people he doesn't particularly like
log » open post Dorian spends some time as a cat
log » Phillip LaFresque Dorian encounters a telepath at the bar.
network » Bill Cipher Dorian finds out the dream triangle can use the phone.
network » Chloe Price Dorian gives a girl dating advice.
log » Sans Dorian chills with a sad skeleton
network » Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy Dorian discusses change with an elder vampire.
network » Bob Bletcher Dorian and Bob compare notes about holidays.
network » Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Dorian meets Tweedles Dee and Dum.
network » Dustin Henderson Dorian gets Dustin to talk about Victor
log » Jane Doe Dorian actually gets a tattoo and flirts with the artist.
network » Commander Shepard "Hell": Dorian is horrified and confused, so he can't possibly fight demons.
network » open post Dorian's post-Hell broadcast gets interrupted by an unexpected guest.
network » Darcy Lewis Dorian signs up for Secret Santa.
log » Shaun Mason Dorian stumbles into a paintball trap.
log » Stefan Salvatore-Alesci Dorian runs into a friend who is trying to remember what he liked to eat.
network » River Tam Dorian finds some new girl who wants peace and quiet.
network » Georgia Mason Dorian get interviewed about Mirrors.
network » Sucre Dorian offers dancing lessons to a beautiful woman.
network » Coraline Jones Dorian wants to see The Nutcracker, but he is unfamiliar with most movie technology.
log » Dream Top Level Ewaymas: Dorian finds himself dreaming of pure white.
log » Tim Wright Ewaymas: Alice!Dorian is a scared marshmallow. Damnit, Tim.
log » Sans Ewaymas: Alice!Dorian is concerned about Sans' health.
log » Seta Souji Ewaymas: Dorian does not get KFC Christmas. The lack of sleep does not help.
network » Stanford Pines Ewaymas: Dorian is jealous of the mad scientist's boat.
log » Mettaton and Napstablook Ewaymas: Dorian is visited by friendly carolers!
network » Rick Sanchez Ewaymas: Dorian does NOT want Rick to burn the mansion down, please.
network » Open Post Dorian sleeps through Christmas.
log » Open Log Dorian attends a New Year's party.
log » Tim Wright Dorian finds Tim at the New Year's party.
log » Mettaton Dorian and Mettaton at the New Year's party
log » Morty Smith Dorian finds a child in a wet tuxedo.
network » Tim Drake Dorian finds this Tim much more sociable than the other one.
network » Wendy Corduroy ROOF SPOT! ROOF SPOT!
network » Asgore and Coraline Dorian thinks sodoku videos are boring. Luckily, Coraline is there to help mix things up.
log » Victor Frankenstein Dorian discovers one of Victor's hidden talents.
network » Newt Scamander Dorian helps a newcomer with the device technology.
log » Dustin Henderson Dorian is hit in the eye with a ping pong ball.
network/log » Kay Flooding: Dorian is very thankful for the help.
network » Jay Merrick Post-Flooding: Dorian meets one of Tim Wright's friends.
network » Fiddleford H. McGucket Post-Flooding: Dorian can't understand McGucket.
network » Gerogia Mason Dorian gets insulted for having to ask about modern terminology.
network » Newt Scamander Dorian finds out that Newt is a wizard.
network » Phillip LaFresque Dorian is torn between Wonderland and home, and he wants the best of both.
network » open post Dorian's worried about a possible event on Valentine's day.
network » Dormouse Dorian might be right?!
network » Daisy Johnson Dorian discusses coffee and other things that keep people up.
log » Mettaton Dorian actually brings some gifts to Mettaton's kissing booth like a civilized human being.
log » Dorian's Dreams Nightmare: Dorian is plagued by bad dreams.
log » Grout, Dustin, and Bill And so on and so forth
log » Fiddleford H. McGucket Nightmares: Dorian bumps into McGucket at the wrong time.
network » A.J. Crowley Dorian introduces a newcomer to all the horrible things Wonderland has to offer.
network » Klaus Mikaelson Dorian finds out about a pet.
network » Seth Gecko Up in the attic, are you?
network/log/inbox » Dipper Pines RPG sounds fun!
network/log/inbox » Dipper Pines GM, help?
network/log/inbox » Sirius Black Sirius has an epic fail here.
log » Lucifer Morningstar Say goodbye, as we dance with the Devil tonight.
log » ??? The memories do haunt him still.
network/log/inbox » Sister Nightingale Are we happy here?
network/log/inbox » Rick Sanchez RICK, WHY ARE WE CHILDREN.
log » Rip Hunter Are you a captain or a thief?
log » Morty Smith Thank good someone knows how to use this thing.
network/log » Zacharie Could you stop glitching? I'm trying to eat.
network » Coraline Jones On the topic of flowers.
network » The Dutchess Should we be worried?
network » Kiyotaka Ishimaru You make a strong point, young man.
log » Mettaton Space: Crisis adverted. Let's party with a killer robot!
log » open Space: Dorian can get used to the space luxury.
network » Henry Mills Why didn't you do this sooner?
network » Arisato Minato Would you live here or die there?
network » open We regret to inform you that Victor Frankenstein has left the mansion.
network/log/inbox » ??? and so on and so forth

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