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"I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed in that regard. Sheepskin is all the rage in wolf society these days."
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Gods and Monsters

by Lana Del Rey

In the land of gods and monsters,
I was an angel.
Living in the garden of evil,
Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed.
Shining like a fiery beacon,
You got that medicine I need
Fame, liquor, love, give it to me slowly.
Put your hands on my waist, do it softly.
Me and God we don’t get along, so now I sing.

No one’s gonna take my soul away,
Living like Jim Morrison.
Headed towards a f***ed up holiday.
Motel, sprees, sprees, and I’m singing,
F*** yeah give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want
It's innocence lost.
Innocence lost.

In the land of gods and monsters,
I was an angel, lookin' to get f***ed hard.
Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer,
Life imitates art
You got that medicine I need
Dope, shoot it up straight to the heart please
I don't really wanna know what's good for me
God's dead, I said 'baby that's alright with me'.

When you talk it's like a movie and you're making me crazy,
'Cause life imitates art.
If I get a little prettier, can I be your baby?
You tell me life isn't that hard.

Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian seems very charming and social, if a bit old fashioned, but some of the more weary residents of the mansion don't trust him.

They have good reason not to, given Dorian's infamy, his history, and his sins. Really, he should be grateful some people don't bother looking for his novel. However, his guilt keeps coming back to haunt him, even if his cursed portrait was left behind when he was whisked away. Wonderland has its own way of reminding Dorian of his conscience. A maddening way.

Thankfully, Wonderland also offers beautiful distractions, futuristic curiosities, and old habits to keep him somewhat sane. Since nobody really knows him here, and time stands still at home, Dorian is looking to find new tastes and companions in this mad world.

Hasn't he learned to be careful what he wishes for?

enjoys their company



they know his secret

he knows their secret

wants to know more








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network » Open Post Dorian wakes up in the Gallery of Wonderland
log » Peter Petrelli Dorian meets Peter while wandering the halls
network » Beckett Warner Dorian learns to use the camera by consoling Beckett log » Dipper Pines Hogwarts: Dipper and Dorian need to learn to get along
log » Wendy Corduroy Hogwarts: Wendy and Dorian chat about muggles
log » Frisk + Chara Hogwarts: Dorian is a bad influence for Frisk and Chara. Seriously.
log » Mettaton Hogwarts: Dorian and Mettaton talk about furniture
log » Garrett Hawke Hogwarts: Professor Hawke ruins Dorian's (relative) innocence
log » Dipper Pines Hogwarts: Dorian catches Dipper stealing from the restricted section
log » Stan Pines Hogwarts: Dorian finds Stan's roof spot
log » Victor Frankenstein Hogwarts: Dorian joins Victor for butterbeer and dark magic
log » Open Post Hogwarts: Dorian hangs out at Madam Puddifoot's
log » Rick Sanchez Hogwarts: Dorian is startled by the appearance of a giant flying squid
network » Open Post Dorian gets in touch with the people he met at Hogwarts
log » Wirt Hogwarts: Dorian finds a shoeless kid in the library
network » Shaun Mason Dorian does not get blogs
network » Frisk Dorian compliments Frisk's music
network » Bob Belcher Dorian runs into a... Butcher?
inbox » Alphys Dorian has to ask about pocket dimensions
network » Jane Doe Dorian ponders tattoos
network » Booker DeWitt Dorian finds a man from a city in the sky
network » Ford Pines & Alphys Dorian is bemused by mechanical knife-wielding tentacles. I'm not making this up.
log » Mettaton Dorian and Mettaton meet at a hot tub party.
network » Riley Matthews Dorian adopts a cute bunny!
log » open post Dorian is a Lost One in Neverland.
log » Sans Neverland: Dorian yells at Sans for being lazy.
log » Tim Wright Neverland: Dorian and Tim escape their shadows.
log » Dustin Henderson Neverland: Dorian promises to help Dustin make a flower crown
network » Whomever is watching this mess Neverland: Dorian leaves a warning for the adults.
log » Bill Cipher Dorian meets a triangle man in his dreams
network » Mettaton Dorian apologizes for being a crazy murder child and wants to go to MTT's concert
log » Chara? Dorian encounters a cringy edgelord OC
network/log » open post Dorian temporarily becomes a vampire
log » Sirius Black Dorian attempts to not bite the teen wizard's neck
log » Mettaton Dorian attends the concert anyway
network » Fiddleford H. McGucket Dorian confuses mechanical computers with human computers
log » Coraline Jones Dorian and Coraline disagree on what is considered "fun"
network » Dipper and Mabel Pines Dorian discovers the joys of scrapbooks
network » open post Dorian muses about his birthday coming up too soon.
log » Stefan Salvatore-Alesci Dorian finds an old favorite... And a ominous warning.
inbox » Victor Frankenstein Dorian voices his concern about coming events
log » Dipper, Rick, and Zacharie Dorian is drawn into a Labyrinth with people he doesn't particularly like
log » open post Dorian spends some time as a cat
log » Phillip LaFresque Dorian encounters a telepath at the bar.
network » Bill Cipher Dorian finds out the dream triangle can use the phone.
network » Chloe Price Dorian gives a girl dating advice.
log » Sans Dorian chills with a sad skeleton
network » Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy Dorian discusses change with an elder vampire.
network » Bob Bletcher Dorian and Bob compare notes about holidays.
network » Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Dorian meets Tweedles Dee and Dum.
network » Dustin Henderson Dorian gets Dustin to talk about Victor
log » Jane Doe Dorian actually gets a tattoo and flirts with the artist.
network » Commander Shepard "Hell": Dorian is horrified and confused, so he can't possibly fight demons.
network » open post Dorian's post-Hell broadcast gets interrupted by an unexpected guest.
network » Darcy Lewis Dorian signs up for Secret Santa.
log » Shaun Mason Dorian stumbles into a paintball trap.
log » Stefan Salvatore-Alesci Dorian runs into a friend who is trying to remember what he liked to eat.
network » River Tam Dorian finds some new girl who wants peace and quiet.
network » Georgia Mason Dorian get interviewed about Mirrors.
network » Sucre Dorian offers dancing lessons to a beautiful woman.
network » Coraline Jones Dorian wants to see The Nutcracker, but he is unfamiliar with most movie technology.
log » Dream Top Level Ewaymas: Dorian finds himself dreaming of pure white.
log » Tim Wright Ewaymas: Alice!Dorian is a scared marshmallow. Damnit, Tim.
log » Sans Ewaymas: Alice!Dorian is concerned about Sans' health.
log » Seta Souji Ewaymas: Dorian does not get KFC Christmas. The lack of sleep does not help.
network » Stanford Pines Ewaymas: Dorian is jealous of the mad scientist's boat.
log » Mettaton and Napstablook Ewaymas: Dorian is visited by friendly carolers!
network » Rick Sanchez Ewaymas: Dorian does NOT want Rick to burn the mansion down, please.
network » Open Post Dorian sleeps through Christmas.
log » Open Log Dorian attends a New Year's party.
log » Tim Wright Dorian finds Tim at the New Year's party.
log » Mettaton Dorian and Mettaton at the New Year's party
log » Morty Smith Dorian finds a child in a wet tuxedo.
network » Tim Drake Dorian finds this Tim much more sociable than the other one.
network » Wendy Corduroy ROOF SPOT! ROOF SPOT!
network » Asgore and Coraline Dorian thinks sodoku videos are boring. Luckily, Coraline is there to help mix things up.
log » Victor Frankenstein Dorian discovers one of Victor's hidden talents.
network » Newt Scamander Dorian helps a newcomer with the device technology.
log » Dustin Henderson Dorian is hit in the eye with a ping pong ball.
network/log » Kay Flooding: Dorian is very thankful for the help.
network » Jay Merrick Post-Flooding: Dorian meets one of Tim Wright's friends.
network » Fiddleford H. McGucket Post-Flooding: Dorian can't understand McGucket.
network » Gerogia Mason Dorian gets insulted for having to ask about modern terminology.
network » Newt Scamander Dorian finds out that Newt is a wizard.
network » Phillip LaFresque Dorian is torn between Wonderland and home, and he wants the best of both.
network » open post Dorian's worried about a possible event on Valentine's day.
network » Dormouse Dorian might be right?!
network » Daisy Johnson Dorian discusses coffee and other things that keep people up.
log » Mettaton Dorian actually brings some gifts to Mettaton's kissing booth like a civilized human being.
log » Dorian's Dreams Nightmare: Dorian is plagued by bad dreams.
log » Grout, Dustin, and Bill And so on and so forth
log » Fiddleford H. McGucket Nightmares: Dorian bumps into McGucket at the wrong time.
network » A.J. Crowley Dorian introduces a newcomer to all the horrible things Wonderland has to offer.
network » Klaus Mikaelson Dorian finds out about a pet.
network » Seth Gecko Up in the attic, are you?
network/log/inbox » Dipper Pines RPG sounds fun!
network/log/inbox » Dipper Pines GM, help?
network/log/inbox » Sirius Black Sirius has an epic fail here.
log » Lucifer Morningstar Say goodbye, as we dance with the Devil tonight.
log » ??? The memories do haunt him still.
network/log/inbox » Sister Nightingale Are we happy here?
network/log/inbox » Rick Sanchez RICK, WHY ARE WE CHILDREN.
log » Rip Hunter Are you a captain or a thief?
log » Morty Smith Thank good someone knows how to use this thing.
network/log » Zacharie Could you stop glitching? I'm trying to eat.
network » Coraline Jones On the topic of flowers.
network » The Dutchess Should we be worried?
network » Kiyotaka Ishimaru You make a strong point, young man.
log » Mettaton Space: Crisis adverted. Let's party with a killer robot!
log » open Space: Dorian can get used to the space luxury.
network » Henry Mills Why didn't you do this sooner?
network » Arisato Minato Would you live here or die there?
network » open We regret to inform you that Victor Frankenstein has left the mansion.
network/log/inbox » ??? and so on and so forth

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Dorian Gray

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

Profile for Dorian Gray in Entranceway.

Mirror can be found at [personal profile] thegraypotrait.