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Eway IC Inbox

Hello, you have reached the inbox of Dorian Gray.
Feel free to leave a message.

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backdated to the 26th!

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[ Merry Christmas! Or late Christmas, because Dustin pretty much slept through it. After a rather jarringly loud fist-pounding knock on Dorian’s door, he’ll find a stocking left on the ground. If he's quick enough to answer he can probably recognize curls and a favourite hat turning the corner. The stocking is jammed full of things, including:

1. Air Heads (assorted flavours, but more watermelon because those are the best)
2. A small container with only banana flavoured runts
3. Gummy bears (sour and regular)
4. Bubble tape
5. Caramello
6. Nilla wafers
7. Chupa chups
8. Cow tales
9. Gummy cola
10. Nerds
11. Skittles
12. Sour patch kids
13. Fun Dip
14. Pop Rocks

And lastly, just for him:
15. A flower crown, flowers fresh from the closet but assembled (clumsily but with effort) from Dustin himself. Dorian also gets rabbit treats for Basil, a bunch of literal tea candy, and a tea set.

Propped up is a Christmas card, homemade with probably the worst handwriting known to man: 'Merry Christmas. -Dustin' ]
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[ He whirls around, pointing dramatically. ]

You weren't supposed to catch me, so it would be a surprise!
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I don't have magical powers that can tell me when you leave.

[ He's a little embarrassed now, too. he shoves his hands in his hoodie pockets, face scrunching up briefly before he moves back towards his friend. ]

Now it's just weird and awkward.
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Woah, you got me a present?

[ Hey, that's--that's really cool. He nods, gesturing for the other to grab it. ]

I wasn't really expecting anything.
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I dunno, I figured Wonderland would screw us all over.

[ He says that as he's following the other, stopping right at the doorway to squint at the surroundings as he waits. ]

Can I say hi to Basil?
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[ It's cute. It's really cute, and even though Dustin's supposed to like grown up things now he takes it with a strange sort of child like reverence. ]

This looks just like the one in the book! Do you know it? the Velveteen Rabbit?
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[ He's definitely not hugging it. Not at all. And he definitely doesn't enthusiastically pipe up: ]

You can borrow a book if you want! My room just sort of came with it. Actually, my room looks a lot like my one back home.

Can I still visit your bun, though?
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It's totally a deal. Another one of many.

And--Dorian? Thanks. This is the first Christmas without my family, so..

[ He shrugs. ]

It means a lot.
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Backdated to 12/25!

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[Mettaton has been busy this holiday season, but that doesn't stop him from making sure his friends have gifts! In Dorian's case, whenever he leaves his room or returns to it (whichever is the case) he'll find a beautifully wrapped box waiting for him outside of it.

When he opens it, he'll find amongst the red and gold tissue paper a new swimsuit! It's a bit outside of what he thinks Dorian's fashion is like, but it's modern and bold in nature. Also in the box is a glamour shot of Mettaton's face and on the back of it is a note:

Dear Dorian,

Merry Christmas! I hope it has been good to you. Enclosed is a bathing suit more attuned to these modern times you live in! That way you don't have to wear whatever it is you wore before. Regardless of if you actually use it or not, I hope you like it! And I hope it helps acclimate you to the future. I would like to see you in it though; I'm sure those legs of yours would look splendid in it. ;)

Love, your favorite star,