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Character Name: Dorian Gray
Series: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Timeline: Mid chapter 17; After fainting
Canon Resource Link:
Character History:
Dorian came from a rich, yet troubled family. His mother lost her husband in a duel months after her marriage. She died a year after, and her son was left with her cruel grandfather, one Lord Keslo, for a guardian.

Not that any of that matters, really. Dorian grew up to be a rather handsome fellow, rich from his family's inheritance, poor in wisdom. When he was introduced to a painter by the name of Basil Hallward at a party, he had a sort of sweet, naive charm about him. He became a sort of muse to Basil, the subject of quite a few paintings that depicted Grecian myths and charming scenes. Dorian had no idea of the nature of his new friend's feelings for him, but one particular day in June, in the middle of the late 19th century, he found himself sitting in for a different sort of painting; A portrait of himself, as himself.

That portrait would have been a simple gift if Basil's foppish friend, Lord Henry Wotton, hadn't insisted on talking to Dorian as the finishing touches were painted on. Henry has a nice little discussion with Dorian on the nature of his youthful looks, the chance of living life to the fullest, and the cruel effects of age. Unfortunately, Dorian is very impressionable at this point, and seeing the finished portrait in all its eternally youthful glory right after being told his looks would eventually wither away with age only made him depressed. In his despair, he foolishly wished to remain forever young, while the subject of the painting aged for him, saying he would sell his soul for that.

Little did he know how powerful words can be... He could sense a bond forming with this painting, and an instinct to protect it when Basil nearly cut it up with a palette knife, but the painting simply gets sent to Dorian's estate with the owner oblivious to what he has done.

After that incident, Dorian would hang around Henry more often, taking after his new friend's supposed hedonism and charm. About a month later, Dorian wanders into a dingy playhouse and falls madly in love with a beautiful actress named Sybil Vane. She returns the favor, lovingly calling him Prince Charming. He had almost been saved by her grace, they had almost been married, but...

Her performance as Juliet faltered miserably as her love blossomed. Dorian now realized he was only in love with her acting abilities, and not the woman herself. He cruelly breaks up her and tell her he never wants to see her again.

Dorian returned home to find his portrait suddenly looks like it's sneering a bit. He realizes his horrid actions must have caused a change in the artwork, and resolves to apologize to Sybil in the morning. Tragically, he woke up the next afternoon and finds that not only did the painting get worse, but Henry comes in with the news that Sybil killed herself. Dorian was devastated, but Henry encouraged him to consider the death not as a tragic occurrence, but an artistic display of undying love. At this point,
Dorian knew his lifestyle is about to change, and he reveled in the thought of living in the moment as he ran off to join Henry at the opera.

Of course, Basil is not pleased by this turn of events. He is certain that Henry is a bad influence on Dorian, and insisted for his muse to return to the studio for a sitting. Dorian declined the offer, and flat out refuses to let Basil see his portrait or put it on display at an exhibition. What would polite society think of the impossible changes?

After Basil finally left, Dorian had his portrait moved to the attic, hidden by a satin sheet and locked away so nobody else could see it. From then on, Dorian's life spiraled into narcissism and hedonism, fueled by the words of Henry Wotton and the pages of a certain novel he acquired (Something about a young Parisian who has luxurious adventures and dies miserably). He spent his days trying out new hobbies, ideas, and people, surrounding himself with beautiful things, enthralling the masses with his charming looks that dismiss any horrible rumors about him. All the while, the portrait slowly takes on the exaggerated appearance of age and evil, and Dorian can only watch as it decays. It's a blessing and a curse. He's happy to not be the one who ages, but what if someone breaks in and uses his secret against him...?

Eighteen years later, on the eve of his 38th birthday, Dorian ran into his old friend Basil on the street. Basil's worried about those aforementioned rumors, and demanded to know why his friendships keep ending with the friend's life being ruined. Dorian merely chuckled to himself, and took Basil to his attic to show him his soul- In the portrait, that is. He watched as the painter begged for him to save his soul, his calm, haughty demeanor turning to hatred, then to impulsiveness, and finally to blood splattered on the edge of a blade. Basil was dead.

Dorian managed to create an alibi for himself, blackmail one of his chemist friends to dispose of the body, and attempted to pretend like nothing ever happened. However, his sudden outburst at a dinner party in front of Lord Henry nearly gave his guilt away. He decided to go home early, burn all of Basil's belongings, and sneaked off to an opium den after midnight.

Along the way home, he was accosted by James Vane, Sybil's sailor brother who is under the impression that Dorian was responsible for his sister's death. Dorian pulled a fast one on him and pointed out that he looks way too young to have dated her 18 years ago. James believed him, lets him go, and Dorian assumed he was safe....

About a week later, Dorian invited a number of guests, including Henry, the Duchess of Monmouth and her husband, to teatime in his conservatory. As the conversation went to topics such as happiness and romance, Dorian excused himself from the group to get the duchess some orchids. However, as he paced down the halls, he panicked when he saw the disturbingly familiar face of a vengeful James Vane pressed against one of the windows. Poor Dorian was so frightened he fell into a swoon.

If things were allowed to run their course, then Dorian would be dead a few weeks later.

Instead, Dorian would wake up from his daze, only to find himself in the middle of Wonderland.

Abilities/Special Powers:
That painting he had hidden in the attic had given him the power of not aging. Years would pass, opium addictions would take hold of him, and yet he would never look any older than a man in his 20's. This doesn't necessarily make him immortal. He can still feel pain and bleed, and he certainly feels the consequences of the opiates, but his healing factor and longevity has never been tested in his source cannon. Therefore, if we assume Dorian could die of natural causes, then his agelessness must be the most useless power in all of Wonderland.

Other than that, he is skilled at playing the piano.

Third-Person Sample:

As Dorian came to his senses, he found that he could not recognize the pattern of the floor tiles.

A wave of panic rushed over him as he scrambled to get on his feet. This isn't his floor. These aren't his walls. He never had the walls decorated with grand stone pillars or a clear view of the midday sky. He must have been kidnapped somehow! Yes, that must have been it, James Vane had followed him to his estate, stolen him away while he was unconscious, and left him here to die.

It occurred to him, though, if James had kidnapped him, he would have most certainly woken up in a dingy flat somewhere near the docks with his limbs bound with rope. Here, Dorian was clearly not tied up by anything, and he was standing in a beautiful hallway. Why would someone who despised him so much leave him in a room that appeals to his aesthetic tastes? Dorian shook his head, feeling more at ease since this was not the work of James.

Besides, if he really was kidnapped, his guests would surely notice and intervene... Right? Dorian glanced about the hall, looking for his companions or acquaintances, only to find not a single soul in the area.

“Henry?” He called out, “Duchess? Hello?” The only reply he could hear was his own echo, reverberating off the walls. His heart began to race once more as he paced about, calling out for any familiar faces to answer him. Yet none did. He had to keep walking, keep moving through the admirable building he found himself in. This place did not look abandoned, and it did seem to be owned by a wealthy person of his status, so there must be someone around that might help him.

“Hello?! Anyone? Where am I?!?”

First-Person Sample:


[The feed flickers on to reveal the image of a dashing Victorian gentleman adjusting the picture. It takes a little while to realize he's already recording and backs away so that other may see him and his luxuriously decorated surroundings clearly.]

Well. This is new...

I must admit, I haven't quite mastered the art of video messaging just yet. I'm not even sure if this is getting through to anyone at all. Not that something like that has stopped me before.

[He chuckles to himself, leaning back in his chair.] But I digress. If this is Wonderland, then I shall be subjected to all sorts of strange, new things, and many strange people...

[That might be offensive to the other guests, though. The man simply clears his throat and shakes his head, dismissing that topic and moving on to another.]

Anyhow, I was wondering what sort of strangeness I ought to expect? Recalling the works of Lewis Caroll, am I wrong to assume that I may come across talking animals, drinks that change your size, and other things of the sort?